About Us

Randall Brown:
Randy is the ONLY Certified Instructor in the Cobra Self Defense Systems in Colorado and The Dojo is the only official Cobra Self Defense Systems Training Center in Colorado.
In 1993, Randy was awarded the rank of 12th degree Black Belt and the title of Soke (Head of Family) of Akumu Ryu Bujutsu by the All Japan Seibukan Martial Arts and Ways Association and The All Okinawan Seidokan Martial Arts Union. This ranking and title was listed in the August 1995 issue of Black Belt Magazine, and was awarded as a result of his mastery of the Samurai warrior arts of:
shinobi no jutsu
kitetsugaku bushido
Randall Brown also has a doctorate in Oriental Philosophy and in 1997 was awarded the title of Kyoju (Professor of Bujutsu).
His other rankings include:
Shodan in Judo
Godan in Kenpo Karate
Schichidan in Toidegoden Aikijujutsu
Guru (instructor) in Kali/Silat
Yondan in Togakure-ryu Ninjutsu
Instructor in Korean Hwa Sool

Silas Beaner

5th Degree Black Belt Akumu Ryu Bujutsu
Akumu 1st Degree Black Belt Goshinjutsu

Wilderness Training Instructor
Head Instructor for The Dojo Children’s Program
Professional Mixed Martial Arts trainer
Admissions Director – The Dojo
Silas’s History: Silas moved to Fort Collins in 1987. He graduated from Poudre High School in 1990. In the summer of 1993, Silas started training in martial arts with John Hertlein and Randy Brown and has been training there, full-time, ever since. Silas has a bachelor’s degree in business from CSU and a bachelor’s degree in Oriental Philosophy