Self-Defense and Stranger Awareness

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Stranger Awareness
“Your survival is all that matters”
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How Self-Defense Functions:
*Where are you? *Personal security level
*Who is around you? *Suspicious circumstances
*Environmental conditions *Gut feeling
*Recognize a potential threat *Something is not right
*Thinking accelerates *Shortness of breath
*Auditory & visual exclusion *Adrenaline rush (tunnel vision) (Fight or Flight)
*Decision making ability is impaired
Action & Reaction
*Physically remove from situation
*Defend *Attack
*Panic/Paralysis *Counter attack (Fear/Giving up) (instinctual) Copyright © 2011 COBRA Defense Systems

Criminal Intent: How a Criminal Really Thinks
 The majority of criminals do not look the part. They look like everyone else.

 Bad guys prey on what they perceive as “weak targets”.

 Criminals are extremely lazy and will not work hard at committing a crime.

 The easiest, fastest, and least challenging way is what a bad guy looks for.

 The majority of bad guys flee/give up at the first hint of trouble or resistance.

 They do not expect any resistance from a victim because they rely on fear to get the job done.

 Criminals are just as afraid if not more when they victimize another. Their primary fear is getting caught and punished.

 Most bad guys have extremely poor plans and usually have no back-up plan.

 They can be thrown out of sync easily because they expect little to no resistance.

 Many of your everyday actions will determine whether or not you will become a target.

 Only about 5% of the population commit the majority of all crimes.

 If you are perceived as strong, confident and “APPEAR” to be a challenge in any way your chances of becoming a victim decrease dramatically.

 At one point in your life you have been a the target of a crime and did not even know it. The smallest actions you took prevented a bad guy from carrying out his plans.
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What do we do in a Physical Confrontation?
We S.A.E. IT!
Remember: “Your survival is all that matters.”
How does S.A.E. It method work?
When you are confronted by a subject (Bad Guy) and they become:
 Physically violent
 Attempt to gain control over you
 Or put you in fear for your life

Your immediate reaction:
Scream for help/fire and draw attention to yourself–the louder the better.
Attack your subject any and every way possible “Your SURVIVAL is all that matters.”
Escape using any means necessary. Find the first available person(s) and let them know. Copyright © 2011 COBRA Defense Systems

& Strategies
1. Make yourself as visible as possible to other people, even strangers. Crowded areas or just being with one other person is enough to eliminate you from an attack/abduction.
2. Park your vehicle close to the front. Make sure it’s visible from the front entrance and in a well lit area. If you go to work when it’s day time and get off at night, take that into consideration and park under a street light or anything that generates light.
3. Look around before, during, and after you exit an area weather it’s you car, house or work. You will know if something looks suspicious, and “when in doubt” wait, drive off, or call somebody you know for security.
4. When parking in an unknown area or any area of concern to you, make sure you circle the parking lot to survey the area. This will give you a better indication of safety, and if you’re unsure, “drive off”.
5. If possible, back your car into a parking spot. It keeps you from turning your back in one direction too long and makes for an easy get away if need be.
6. When walking to your car:
 Have your car keys in hand and ready to unlock
 Lock your car as soon as you get in
 Drive off immediately, “do not hesitate”

7. Any personal property, purses, bags etc. carry across the body and keep a firm grip on it. A subject would hesitate to strong arm rob you if you made it difficult for him.
8. When you recognize a potential threat:
 Never stare at the ground in “denial”
 Walk with you head up and make eye contact with them.

**Do not get misdirected**
9. If you’re walking out of a grocery store at night push a grocery cart to your car.
**It gives you an object to put between you and your attacker**
10. Always let somebody know your schedule and whereabouts especially if you’re going out at
night and/or alone. Where are you/When will you be back/Contact #/Who’s with you? Copyright © 2011 COBRA Defense Systems

11. Use diversion if verbal contact is initiated – if you’re in an elevator, standing on the corner, or approached anywhere and you feel threatened or uncomfortable
Make eye contact
Rapid fire conversation/questions: What time is it?
What’s the date/day?
I’m late for my appointment.
My ride is here.
Remember it could be anything, just make good eye contact and talk fast (control the conversation). It will throw off their initial train of thought or plan and will “buy you time”.
**Last course of action in this situation “look for an out”, then leave A.S.A.P.
12. Occasionally change your routine. Go to work a different way leave at different times and park in different areas. Do this in every part of your schedule.
“Being unpredictable”: It will make you a hard target.
13. Do not engage in a conversation with a door to door sales man, street vendor, or someone posing as a repair man when you did not call for one.
 Keep your door locked, talk through the door until you are sure who that person is.
 If approached outside your house keep moving, do not engage.

14. Leave your lights and T.V. on occasionally when you are not home.
The bad guy does not know the difference. The perception is that “somebody is home.”
15. Make sure your children have an approved list of people to ride hom with from school. It should be approved by you and their school should have a copy.
 Hold your child’s school responsible
 Ultimately, it’s the parents’ responsibility – getting others involved can only help.

16. Have a communication sheet for your children especially if they are old enough to come and go relatively freely.
Simple layout: When did you leave? When will you be home?
Where did you go? Who are you with?
Phone #
17. Make sure your child uses a safety route to travel that they always follow.
*Well lit area *Easy access *High visibility
*Keep it in a busy area not a scheduled back route.
*Make sure you personally time the route for your own reference.
18. Download a list of criminals/registered sexual offenders in your area. Copyright © 2011 COBRA Defense Systems

“It’s easy and FREE”
A) Tell all your neighbors about any in your area and communicate a local crime watch.
***Let the bad guy know you that you know about him.
B) Make sure your child knows at least 5 contact numbers in case of emergency.
 Practice
 Recite
 Reward them for knowing them

C) Always have a meeting place in the event that you are lost in a crowded area.
D) Use code words only you and your family know (practice them)
19. Everyday Weapons and Personal Security Devices:
The following items can be used to slow down, stop, and even cause serious injury to an attacker.
Pen/Pencil Cigarette Nail File Nail Clippers
Hand Full of Sand Metal Watch Buckle off Belt Hot Coffee
Household Cleaners Car Keys (loaded) Lipstick (bluffing) Comb
Heel off Dress Shoe Glass bottles Cigarette Lighter CD Case
These and many other items are common everyday items that can and will work against an attack.
20. Bluffing:
Display security signs Beware of Dog Under video surveillance
I have pepper spray! The Police are on their way Back up or I’ll shoot!
Leave lights on Rapid fire questions I am not home alone
Fake cameras
21. Areas to attack in the event of a physical encounter:
If you have tried everything, even running away and have no other choice, attack the following areas until you are free.
Eyes Nose
Throat Bite if necessary (what is the alternative)
Groin Slap ears (loss of balance)
Knee strikes Solar plexus
All humans are of equal strength in these areas and are extremely vulnerable.
Take advantage!!!
“Remember: The only thing that matters is your survival.”