Crime is Everywhere

Crime is everywhere. You’ve heard the statistics and seen
the stories on the TV news. Perhaps someone you know
has been a victim of robbery, rape or assault. Perhaps you
yourself have been attacked by someone attempting to take
away something you’ve worked hard for – maybe even your
very life.
You may be asking yourself, “What can I do to protect
myself? To keep from becoming just another fifteen-second
spot on the evening news?” Fortunately, there is a lot you
can do to protect yourself and your family. It starts with
becoming familiar with the principles and techniques of
basic self-defense.
This report’s objective is to guide you through the pros and
cons of various methods of self defense, and to help you
choose a program that will take you to the next level of
preparedness by turning theory into practice.
Is Anyone Safe?
When we think of crime, we most often think of the
victims being women and children. For example, a single
woman living alone might be seen as an easy target for a
home invasion. Or we worry about date rape, or children
being abducted on their way home from school.
But the unfortunate truth is, anyone can be vulnerable.
Men are often the victims of robbery, assault, or carjacking.
Even domestic violence isn’t strictly a crime against
women. Sometimes men, too, are beaten and abused by
their wives or girlfriends. You just don’t hear about it very
often, because men are often too embarrassed to admit it.
Men are also often victims
of crime.